October 17, 2015
2 years, 9 months and 4 days since
our Reunion.
Shortly after we graduated in 1965, the Beatles released the record "HELP!"  No doubt many of us felt that we needed help as we entered the next phase of our lives.  Four years later, the Beatles released "Get Back" and today that song is more relevant than ever.
      "Get Back, Get Back. Get Back to Where You Once Belonged"
We are pleased that so many of us "Got Back" to where you once, and still belonged. Who knows what songs will be popular in October but for us it will be:                       
                               "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"
     Thank you for joining us as we celebrated the 50 years that have gone by so quickly since we graduated.
      Garden City High School, Class of 1965, 50th Reunion  October 16-18, 2015
A brief description of the events is outlined below.  Mostly though, this weekend was about friends old and new.  People with whom we shared a time and place.
Dear Fellow Classmates of the GCHS Class of 1965!
Welcome to the website for our class's 50th Reunion. This is the one no one could imagine happening. We are delighted you are visiting the site, and hope that this site makes it fun and easy to enjoy the memories of our 50th, and to actually participate in the reunion from wherever you live by sending in pictures and messages that can be shared with your fellow classmates.
Our 50th Reunion Weekend began Friday night, October 16, 2015, when you arrived back home. Leo's was packed with '65s.
Saturday, October 17, 2015, begans with a 2 hour GC Historical Tour.  Those who came aloing were impressed with the tour and the many things we learned about GC that we never knew.
The Homecoming Parade drew great crowds who cheered us as we walked behind our class banner.  I think they were surpised we could still walk that far.
Some of us then went to the high school to see the new library and the music wing that was added. Then on to the football game cheering the Trojans on to victory.
Our evening party began at 7:00 pm at the Garden City Casino. There were many varieties of memorabilia to examine. We took a moment to remember classmates no longer with us.  With great difficulty we gathered at one end of the room for a group picture.  The dinner was great, the conversation greater and we all agreed to met again for a 55th reunion in 2020.
The 50th Reunion Committee-

Wendy Hoke Boysen
Janet Bligh Curtin
Kathy Costigan Devries
Angela Clarke Duff
Mary Zangas Ebbets
Sue Adams Falk
Nancy Conway Gordon
Pat McCabe Grace
Sue Hofmann Graf
Darlene McPhee Simeone
Rick Willets
Jeanne Savoldy Williams
Joan Laycock Wolfle
Marilyn Heath Yasus

A little guidance as you go through this website.

Classmates' Stories- here is where you can tell everyone about what has been going on in your life for the last 50 years.  It can be as long or short as you like. There is a request for Words of Wisdom: what great truth have you learned. If you include your email address, classmates will be able to contact you.  Your email address will not, however, be displayed.

Photo Albums- If you have pictures of our high school days that were not in the yearbook, this is the place for them.  If you wish to send pictures of your life as it is today, go for it. 
After the reunion, pictures of the festivities will be posted here.

Memorials- We have lost more than a few classmates over the years.  They are remembered here. After each name there is the option to add your thoughts as a tribute to them.  If you have access to the obituary, it can be added here by contacting Rick:  rgwillets@comcast.net

GBook/Faculty Mem- You can leave a message for the class here.  We also hope you will take a moment and share memories of your favorite teachers.

The Missing -  Here is a list of classmates we have not been able to find.  If you have any information about them, please let us know.
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